Over the past few decades, Reflexology has become one of the most preferred forms of treatment for many people around the world. What makes Reflexology in Newnan so popular amongst the community is the instant results it can produce on the patient without requiring any medication or surgical procedure whatsoever. But despite being in existence for thousands of years, most people have little or no idea about Reflexology as a whole and the effect it can produce in the human body itself.

Reflexology in Newnan Ga - Origin and Development

There are many people who may believe the healing process of Reflexology to be a part of ancient Chinese or Egyptian cultures, but in reality its history lies deeply embedded within the past of India. When ancient Buddhist monks traveled to India seeking refuge and learn ways to protect themselves from the rulers who were out to destroy them, the Indian warriors taught them the art of Kalaripayattu.

This is considered to be the father of all forms of martial arts. It was not only the art of self-defense which was learnt by these monks, rather the art of healing the human body without any medication during dire times of need was also learnt and spread all through China. During the early 1900's this art of alternate healing was introduced into the United States by ENT specialists Dr. William. H. Fitzgerald and Dr. Edwin Bowers, which culminated the birth of Reflexology as a thorough medical science.

Reflexology in Newnan Ga - Reflex-O-Logy Explained

Since its introduction into the field of Medical Science in the 1900's as an alternative way of treating patients, Reflexology and it’s healing capabilities has often been questioned by doctors and people alike. But it is not the technique which is to be blamed, rather the practitioners who claim this form of healing to cure life threatening illnesses.

The basic principle of Reflexology revolves around healing the human body naturally, by applying a significant amount of pressure on the pressure points related to the disorder. It was discovered during the initial stages of developing this art of healing in ancient India, that the body is covered with sensitive nerve endings. If the right amount of pressure was applied on some of these nerve endings, then the blood flow and muscles around the pressure point would return to normal.

Even though most people would think that these pressure points are mainly located in the feet, the truth is that the entire body is covered with these pressure points and can treat ailments like:

-          Migraines
-          Poor Blood Flow
-          Body Pains
-          Muscle Damages
-          Hemorrhages
-          Stress
-          Anxiety
-          Back Pain
-          Spinal Cord Problems
-          Shoulder Blade Cramps
-          Lower Back Stiffness
-          Breathing
-          Heart Functions

Reflexology in Newnan Ga - Choosing the Right Reflexologist

While there are many practicing Reflexologist available today, there are few things which you should be well aware of while choosing a Reflexologist for yourself. Or you might not experience any benefits at all.

-  Experience - Prior choosing a Reflexologist it is best to find out about the years of experience the practitioner has. As a more experienced practitioner will be able to produce better results than a novice practitioner.

- Results - You should always keep in mind that even though the treatment might feel like a massage session, it is nothing related to massage. Which is why you should always measure the effectiveness of the session before going back. A proper session will yield instant results.

- Effectiveness - Like said earlier, if the practitioner is good and you have had a good session, then the problem you had visited a Reflexologist for in the first place should reduce significantly. Requiring re-visits only to completely diminish the problem. If your problems comes back within a couple of days of the visit, then you should look for someone else.

For more information about reflexology and to talk to a local reflexologist, click the link below!

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